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/* Copyright 2002 Jeff Dike
 * Licensed under the GPL

#ifndef __PORT_H__
#define __PORT_H__

#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <sys/un.h>

//extern int handle_port(int fd);
extern void close_port(int i, int fd);
extern int setup_sock_port(int i, int fd, struct sockaddr_un *name, int data_fd, int group);
extern int setup_port(int i, int fd, void (*sender)(int fd, void *packet, int len, 
                                   void *data), void *data, 
                  int data_len, int portgroup);
extern void handle_tap_data(int i, int fd, int hub);
extern int handle_sock_data(int fd, int hub);
extern int handle_sock_direct_data(int i, int fd, int hub);


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